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Программы для Today Плагины и украшения для экрана «Сегодня»: лончеры, часы, индикаторы состояния и другое

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NRG MiniWeather

NRG MiniWeather 1.0

Название: NRG MiniWeather 1.0.jpg
Просмотров: 1921

Размер: 31.5 Кб
It's only got ONE layout and that's a 5 day layout as seen in the screenshots below. It's portrait device compatible so feel to install on Tornado's and such. This version also hopefully corrects the problem people have been experiencing with the phone locking up while the keyboard was locked and the weather app was updated.

This version also has a solid autoupdate routine that hasn't failed me once in the last 3 days.

All in all, I believe this is a rock solid version and I've tried to anticipate any bugs that may occur. Think of this as a light version of NRG Weather 3.1, as it's only 2 megs in size.

However, I will stop development of the old 3.1 version and just improve this. I hope you like this... and please report any issues. Thank you.

A few words for the newbs... After you install and reboot, please set your location code in the Options. Then update.
In order for the detailed forecast panels to show updated information, the phone HAS to be rebooted. There's no way around this... YET. I'm currently working on moving from the CTestUIPanel to another panel, but not ready to do so... yet.

- Autoupdate according to Yahoo servers' time + 10 minutes + 1-5 random minutes (so we don't all hit the server at the same exact times)
- Update in 15 minutes when no connection is found.
- First forecast day info comes from Yahoo... the rest from weather.com
- Verbose status information as the script is running.
- Minimal set of icons to save space.
- Detailed Forecast panels can be turned off in "Advanced Options"
- Application will not automatically refresh the screen while the phone's keypad is locked.
- Built-in leftover notifications removal tool, in case you want to uninstall. See "advanced options".
p.s. If you want to use LCD fonts for your clock display, please go to "Advanced Options"... set LCD fonts to Yes, then go back to the main options menu, pick layout options and choose one of the layouts.... and reboot. Thanks.
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Судя по скриншоту прога для смарта?
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миниатюрно и практично
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пишет, что на предыдущую версию и не встает
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