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MyPersonalDiet 3.2.1

Название: Питание.gif
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Размер: 163.4 Кб

MyPersonalDiet - удобная программа с хорошим интерфейсом для контроля и планирования диеты. Поможет контролировать аспекты питания, занятий спортом, здоровья.

Возможности MyPersonalDiet:
- Установка цели и сроков достижения
- Предустановленные программы диеты
- Можно назначить ежедневные лимиты по пищевой ценности и содержанию ЖБУ и прочих составляющих
- Американская БД продуктов с подробной информацией
- Лог параметров здоровья - вес, давление и т.п.
- БД затрат и прочих данных по физическим упражнениям и деятельности
- Плагин Today
- Много видов для удобного просмотра отчетов
- многое другое
Название: Питание.gif
Просмотров: 288

Размер: 163.4 Кб Название: Питание1.gif
Просмотров: 287

Размер: 28.4 Кб Название: Питание2.gif
Просмотров: 279

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Размер: 43.9 Кб

Establish a complete diet plan

-Enter your profile and find out what your normal weight range exactly is.
-Choose your target weight and MyPersonalDiet will help you determine how long a healthy diet will take. Successful weight losses are achieved by making small, but long-lasting, changes.
-Select your diet plan (such as low carb) or create your own. MyPersonalDiet will later notify you whenever you select a food that does not match your diet plan (such as choosing food too rich in carbs while being on a low-carb diet).
-Set nutrients daily limits (minimum and/or maximum) on specific nutrients (such as carbs or fat) you need to watch for in order reach your daily goals and stay within your diet plan. You will be able to see in a chart how much you have consumed through your meals and how much you can (or not) consume further.
-Select your daily energy requirements for MyPersonalDiet to calculate the recommend percent daily values (%DV). You will be able to see whether you are missing, meeting or exceeding the %DV of the nutrients you're tracking.

Comprehensive meal entry
-Enter meals using 7500+ food items based on the USDA food database, along macro- and micro-nutrients (carbs, proteins, total fat, sodium, cholesterol, sugar, etc.) A powerful search lets you find foods in a split-second. MyPersonalDiet also keeps track of your favorite foods, making it super fast to build meals with the food you consume the most.
-For each food, see how much energy comes from carbs, proteins and fat. MyPersonalDiet will notify you whenever you select a food that does not match your diet plan (such as choosing food too rich in carbs while being on a low-carb diet).
-You can track water and enter meals using food group servings, which is best when consuming prepared foods.
-Add your own food with detailed nutritional information, either by weight (g/mg) or by percent Daily Value (%DV), making it a snap to enter custom foods if you have the nutritional facts (found on almost all food items)
-See a daily summary of each food you consume, with a list of nutrients you choose to track.

Track your health and workouts
-Track essential vital signs: weight, body fat, blood pressure and blood work markers (calcium, insulin, iron, hematocrit and triglyceride to name a few).
-Also record your workouts, using one of the 30+ activities or by creating your own, along the duration and distance, exertion and heart rate, and MyPersonalDiet calculates how many calories (or kJ) you used and body fat you burnt.

Quick and easy monitoring and tracking
-The Today plug-in displays your daily energy goal and actual status. Simply turn on your device and immediately see whether you can consume (or not) more food.
-The Results screen summarizes your accomplishments since the beginning of your diet regarding:
-Your current weight vs. how much you should weigh at the moment.
-Your eating habits (whether you consume too much or not enough food).
-Your exercising habits (whether you exercise enough or not).
-What to do to reach your weight goal in terms of eating and exercising.
-The day view shows a summary of calories (or kJ) or any nutrients you wish to track (such as carbs, sugar, etc). Quickly find out how much of them you consumed and eliminate any guesswork about how much you can still consume (or not) for the remaining of the day while staying within your limits.
-The day view also presents a diet summary that displays your weight trend from the start of your diet independently of the too-often discouraging but normal and usual daily weight fluctuations. The weight trend is what matters, not the daily fluctuations.
-The month view shows an immediate snapshot of your efforts overall: you can immediately see for any day if your weight is on track with your goal or not, helping you make a prompt assessment of your situation and take the right decisions.
-The report view presents useful summaries:
Daily calories from BMR, workouts, allowed, meals and net.
Daily nutrients consumption
Nutrients (daily average)
-The chart view lets you visualize information for you to make the right decisions:
Calories: consumption/expenditure, net and per hour.
Vital signs: body weight, body fat, blood pressure and blood markers (e.g. cholesterol).
Water and nutrients consumption.
Workout duration, distance and heart rate.

Essential for people with food restrictions
-Enter daily limits (minimum or maximum) about nutrients that have a direct impact on your health, such as glucose, cholesterol, fiber, sugar, sodium, etc. Not only will this help to stay within your daily limits, but it is indispensable for anyone whose health highly depends on limiting the consumption of specific nutrients (e.g. diabetics, people with high cholesterol, people with high blood pressure, etc.) This is also useful for people that need to consume a minimum of specific nutrients, such as calcium.
-As you enter meals, MyPersonalDiet can show you how much of each nutrient you have consumed for the day, and whether you can consume more, have reached or exceeded the maximum (and by how much). This eliminates the guesswork about what you can or not eat for the rest of the day.
-Track blood work analysis and markers (such as cholesterol, triglyceride, etc). You can also instantly chart any blood marker over any period of time to see any important trends.

Readily extensible
-Record your outdoor workouts with a GPS receiver right into your Pocket PC using VidaOne GPS (sold separately) and view them on Google Maps!
-Download workouts from your Polar® heart rate monitor into your Pocket PC using VidaOne Polar (sold separately).
I-ntegrated with MySportTraining (sold separately) to make it easier than ever to track your health, diet and fitness.

Bundle offer: get 20% off MyPersonalDiet for Pocket PC when you buy it with MySportTraining for Pocket PC. Use the code mstmpdppc when checking out.
A friendly Windows Mobile application
Windows Mobile 2003, 2003 Second Edition, 5 and 6 (Classic and Professional) supported.
Works on portrait, landscape and square screens, and supports high-resolution VGA screens too!
Integrated export (CSV), backup and restore capabilities.
Password protection ensures that only your eyes see your information

Version 3.2.1 (September 2, 2008)
-Minor cosmetic fixes (typo, etc.)
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